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  1. OUR PASSION AND FOCUS ON HELPING NONPROFITS - We are inspired by the work our customers do. We love them. We specifically and passionately work with getting the nonprofit's energy projects funded without affecting their budget. There is no upfront money required. Savings starts from day one. We design and build our solution focusing on nonprofits. 
  2. OUR UNIQUE NONPROFIT ENERGY PROJECT FUNDING PROGRAM - We have not failed to fund any qualified nonprofit project. Due to our unique project funding program we are able to keep our prices very low and pass the savings on to our customers. Because we have an affinity for helping people and nonprofits, we have developed financing opportunities that other companies cannot offer.
  3. OUR APPROACH TO PROJECT DESIGN - We are agnostic to any solution or technology. We look for what is best for your organization. We don't manufacture or need to push any product or solution whether it is solar, energy storage, lighting, etc. Quite the contrary, we try to fund projects that you care about, like a new shaded parking lot.
  4. $350M EXPERTISE AND TRACK RECORD. The team has a long and successful track record of designing, financing, building, monitoring and maintaining turnkey state-of-the-art energy systems of every size. We have completed over $350 Million in developed projects. 
  5. WE FOCUS ON YOU. Since we focus on nonprofits we are able to direct more attention to you since we aren’t flooded with all kinds of customers and projects. As a result, if a problem arises you simply call us and we’ll take care of the issue because we stand behind our work. Period.
  6. WE CARE. We care and strive to become your nonprofit’s trusted energy advisor for life, whether you buy anything from us or not. We are here to help. We are a knowledgeable, caring energy experts who always strive to exceed your expectations while standing behind everything we do. 

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