Our customers save on their electric bill up to 50% without putting down any money. How is this possible? We combine nonprofit tailored financing (PPA) with multiple technologies that make the most economic sense including solar, energy storage, CHP, HVAC, lighting, micro turbines and  micro grids among others. 

Your Energy Strategy: Consider the 5-Legged Energy Stool

One size does not fit all. When we look at reducing an energy bill we consider the 5 legs of the energy strategy stool:  Electricity Generation, Electricity Peak-Time shifting, Energy Demand Reduction,  Energy consumption reduction and Backup power. Depending upon how your building consumes power, the utility prices, the rate structure, the current lighting infrastructure and how stable is the power grid, we will create a smart solution to save you money. In most cases it will not require any upfront money! 

Clean Electricity Generation

Generate electricity by converting the sunlight at your facility. We can install a solar carport that provides shade to a parking lot, install a ground array on an unused piece of land or install on a roof.

Electricity Peak Time Shifting

During peak time is when electricity is most expensive. We can shift your consumption to non peak time by installing an energy storage solution.

K12 Energy K12 Solar

Smart Demand Charge Reductions

Without compromising comfort our suite of devices and software utilizing artificial intelligence can reduce the demand charges, which can make up to 50% of the bill.

Energy Consumption Reduction

Our lighting designers can reduce your electricity consumption while improving the lighting conditions of your facility.

Backup Power. Don't lose your critical power during a brown-out or black-out. A generator can seamlessly be activated when it detects a grid power outage. Keep your classroom running, avoid spoiling food , and keep phones/internet working.

Some of our projects

Below are examples of the different types of projects we can implement for you.

Save money on your electric bill, put no money upfront and put the savings to better use.

Our customers save money from the electric bill and allocate the savings further their mission and vision.

For example, one of our customers funded part of the construction of a new church in South America with the savings from their solar system.

How could your organization use these savings?  

  • PRICE IS SET FROM THE GET GO - the price is set on day one for the term of the agreement, so there will be no surprises.
  • NO MAINTENANCE- We take care of all maintenance and operations. You don't have to worry about it.
  • 24/7 MONITORING - both your organization and K12 Energy have live access to the performance of the system. 

The Process of saving 5% to 50% of your electric bill is really simple. We do most of the work and we put up all the money to make the project a reality. You call the shots.

To propose the best solution for your organization we follow this process

Electric Bill Analysis

This requires you provide us access to the consumption of every electric meter and gas meter in your property. Once we get the detailed consumption we will model the different technologies and come up with a first draft of a solution with the potential savings identified.

In Collaboration With You

We schedule a phone call (or in person meeting) to go over the draft solution with the potential savings calculated. Together with the person in charge of the facilities we collaborate to identify potential locations for the energy solution and understand your future consumption behavior.  

Qualification For The Program

After the collaboration call, we go back to our analysis and incorporate the learnings from the meeting. At the same time we will send you our application to qualify for the energy savings program - this is a very simple step. 

Detailed Site Inspection

Once your organization is qualified for the program we will schedule our technicians and possibly one of our engineers to conduct a detailed site inspection to ensure the solar/energy design is feasible.

Present Final Solution

Once we obtain the report from the detailed site inspection we prepare the final proposal.

Board / Committee Approval

We support all organizations in presenting the energy solution to the board in many different ways such as attending the meeting, presenting at the meeting and preparing a summary report.

Obtain Building Permits

In most cases we simply obtain the building permits to install our solution. In some cases, where the site requires development we interact with the local planning department. In all cases, we need minimal participation from your organization.

Build & Get Permits Signed Off

With permits in hand, we start the construction process which typically takes between a few weeks to 60 days. Upon completion the building department conducts an inspection and then signs off on the permit.

Connection To The Grid

Once the project is completed and signed off, the utility will connect the system to the electric grid and your organization will start to save from that day.

Let's see how much your organization can save!

Free electric bill analysis: Find out how much your organization can save by reducing its dependency on the utility.

Some of our customers




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